5 Movie Podcasts You Haven’t Heard Yet


So, you like podcasts about movies, but you’re looking for something new, something different, something that’s not as loose and jokey as Doug Loves Movies or as newsy as /Filmcast?? (Both fantastic podcasts, don’t get me wrong). Well, here are 5 slightly lesser known podcasts that might do the trick. Check ’em out!

1. Greatest Movie Ever!

Greatest Movie Ever! tackles everything from cult films to b-movies to anime to more critically acclaimed films with the same positive attitude, something that is often missing from film podcasts. If you think re-watching Repo Man is preferable to seeing most films in the theater right now, this podcast might be your new favorite thing. Check out this episode about Rock’n’Roll High School!

2. Fighting in the War Room

Some (or all?) of the people who used to do the Operation Kino podcast have started a new project after their original podcast was dropped, and not surprisingly it’s still great! Check out episode 31, where they discuss class warfare in film and move on to talk about the future of blockbuster movie scores, and you’ll have a good idea of the wide ranging nature of this show.

3. Shit Talking with Joe and Cheryl

Joe and Cheryl’s podcast works like this: They watch a film (often a film in the theaters at the moment), and, without doing any research or taking too much time to work out their thoughts, record their first conversation. This ride-home-from-the-theater podcast is loose and charming (their bickering and asides make for some funny moments) yet it’s also frequently insightful, with plenty of attention paid to the social and political messages of the films and little to no name dropping. Just talking shit. It’s a new podcast so give them some love! Check out this episode about the fantastic Blue Ruin.

4. Mondo Movie 

I’ve got a soft spot for horror and art house weirdo films, and Mondo Movie has done a good job having knowledgeable conversations about genre work which most people write off as schlock (even as they secretly enjoy it). I’m unsure if this podcast is still going, but if you want to dig down a bit into all things horror check out the episode archive here. 

5. F This Movie

Another podcast that manages to squeeze a ton of content into each episode, F This Movie has been on top of their game lately. They tend to begin discussions with a recent releases and then allow digression to be their guide. It’s always an enjoyable ride. Check out this episode that covers everything from Edge of Tomorrow, They Came Together, and The Raid 2 to 1986’s Rawhead Rex.


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