Hello, I’m MALE COUSIN and that thing over there is Gnoetry Daily

Gnoetry Daily

A NYT article I skimmed this afternoon stated that one in eight Americans is currently receiving food stamps. While that may seem rather grim, the article went on to reassure the public that the stigma surrounding food stamps has significantly decreased (good news for the post-grad school crowd). But not everyone is letting their excessive free time go to waste. Eric Scovel is taking full advantage of his (un)employment status and redesigning the Gnoetry Daily website. Things are already looking good, and it seems that all the old posts have survived intact.

It’s about time this change happened. Making the jump from Blogger to WordPress has not only made the page look better (no more tiny text) but has also made navigation much smoother. Now it’s easy as 3.14159265 to browse posts organized by Author or Series (say for instance Eric’s extremely enjoyable Leaves of Grass/Free Culture haiku mash-up FREE GRASS). Some thirty+ poems from my own Zapatagraphy project have ammassed themselves over the past few months there as well.

Viva Computational Poetics!