Beyond PSY: A Korean Music Sampler

Gary Sullivan’s Bodega Pop website was kind enough to post a mix I put together of Korean indie music titled Throwing Egg at a Rock: Sounds from Koreaan antidote of sorts to the wave of K-pop currently saturating airwaves and straining eardrums around the world. Whether you find K-pop annoying, bemusing, innocuous, or actually feel comfortable horsey dancing in elevators on youtube, this mix will open your eyes to a much larger spectrum of the Korean music scene. And perhaps surprisingly, it’s really, really good!

GET IT HERE!!!!!!!

Included are “hipster chillwavers, post-rockers, folk artists, shoegazers, weirdoes, punks, electronic experimentalists, drone metalheads, and indie poppers all making unique and wonderful music within a dominant culture that doesn’t respect difference when it comes to musical taste.”

For those of you who want to check out more from any these bands, I’ll be posting links to websites, bandcamp pages, and downloads over the next few days. Just check back at this post and you’ll find them below here…


One thought on “Beyond PSY: A Korean Music Sampler

  1. Superlative mix – very interesting and hard to hear (for me :-)) artists,
    much appreciated. M

    ps diggin’ the noam C stuff while i am here too…

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