The Container Store / (((10))) / Goodmoney


Good news consumers! Early next year, SpringGun Press is going to publish the first two volumes of the ever-expanding Container Store collaboration with Joe Hall. Not sure of the official release date, but for those AWP inclined, it will be available in Chicago. So, buy that shit. You can get an online preview of TCS in the fantastic Bernadette Mayer Portfolio in Drunken Boat #14. There are also a handful of pages in print form brought to you by the wonderful Caketrain journal, pictured below. Oh boy!


While the prospect of making much headway into the underbelly of Korea’s art world is fairly low given my foreigner status and non-existent Korean language skills, I have, through sheer luck, run across a number of worthwhile bands and artists in the past couple months. For example:


While most of the live music in Korea plays things pretty safe (the university scene consists mainly of music students playing generic indie rock to politely seated crowds of peers) or else caters to a specific audience (the foreigner butt-rock market by way of bars like FF), there are, thankfully, a few exceptions. Perhaps the most interesting show I’ve seen in the past year happened at Gogos 2 (which has been redesigned to hold performances) and featured a group who goes by the name (((10))) which made finding them online nearly impossible. (I did, and you can check out some of their songs here.) Vocal loops, skittering beats, bent electronics, and a penchant for improvised exploration. Sonically somewhere between Actress and the work of Honey Owens, (((10))) fills a noticeable gap in Seoul’s music scene, and fills it well.


On the art side of things, here are some pictures from a tiny gallery in Hongdae, Seoul of an exhibition titled GOODMONEY, work by artists concerned with the aesthetics of commerce. Good stuff:

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  1. Mr. Hardy, I work as a librarian for an American book distributor called Ingram. As I was cataloging “The Container Store”, I noticed there was no authority record for you. These records help library users & bookstore owners to distinguish between different creators, including editors and contributing organizations. Would you mind supplying me with the form of your name that you prefer as well as your birth year? These details help to identify you and link you to any of your works rather than others with similar names. Thank you for your help. Please let me know if you have any questions. My email is .

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